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recorded by anthony RUOTOLO

at avatar studios nyc

mixed by tom NEUMAYR at redredred

photos by alois WECHSELBERGER

produced by roland HEINZ



Composers Concordance Records​

Directors: Joseph Pehrson, Gene Pritsker,

Dan Cooper

assosiate directors: Millica Paranosic,

Luis Andre Cobe, Patrick Grant, Astrid Steiner

Composers Concordance Records presents

Thematically related recordings of modern music

produced with the latest developements in

studio precision.

CCR is developing new concepts of what

an album can be, bringing new music and

new mediums together to a new level of cross genre transcendence. Our goal is simple:...good music

recorded well, pushing the boundartes

of the sound and composition.

Portugal Tour 2024

07.06. Club Farnese, Faro

09.06. Cantaloupe, Olhão 

More dates coming soon!

ADAM HOLZMAN, keyboards
"This recording sounds like jazz poetry
dashed into the sound galaxies of
the moog synthesizer. The moog, played
by Adam Holzman, allows
guitarist Roland Heinz and drummer
Jeff Hirshfield to explore wider fields
of musical expression. The compositions, mostly based on modern jazz
textures, sometimes turn into
lyrical moments and sometimes lead into
a melting pot of contemporary music, jazz-rock and free improvisation."


13.04. EARLY BIRD Innsbruck, Austria

14.04. EARLY BIRD Innsbruck, Austria

15.04. Alte Kellerei  Reutte, Austria



29.07. EARLY BIRD Innsbruck, Austria

30.07. EARLY BIRD Innsbruck, Austria

31.07. Hopfgarten, Austria



27.07. KIWI Absam, Austria

30.07. EARLY BIRD Innsbruck, Austria

31.07. EARLY BIRD Innsbruck, Austria



15. 01. BORG Innsbruck, Austria​

16. 01. KULTURZONE Wörgl, Austria​

18. 01. KULAK Zürich, Swizerland



22.05. KULTURFABRIK Kufstein, Austria

23.05. BORG Innsbruck, Austria

24.05. PORGY & BESS Vienna, Austria

24.05. private gig


october 2012 release at CCR








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Copyright 2012 by H3 roland heinz . No Animals were harmed in the making.

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